Posted by: tanyams | May 19, 2009

Long Weekend Shopping In the States

This past May long weekend Tina, Dorian, Jay and myself all went shopping in the states. We woke up very early, around 5am. Jay didn`t go to bed at all, he pulled an all-nighter, like the genious he is… lol

We got to the boarder and waited about an hour in the line, which is not bad for a long weekend, we were expecying much longer. So we arrived at the Seattle premium outlets way before they even opened. That`s ok though because that way we would be ready as soon as the door opened up to the public. 

Our mission: Finding outfits for the Summer Convention

Our distraction: accessories.

We wound up with belts and makeup rather than skirts and dresses! So even if we were naked, we would still look fab in our cheap nyx makeup and guess belts. REVERSABLE guess belts, might I add. So it`s kinda like getting 2 for 1. One side is black one side is white, what more can you ask for… lol

But all was not lost, we did make it to alderwood and I found 2 dresses and tina found a skirt and dress, which looked very cute on her 🙂 oh and the boys bought sum suits and stuff too, but who cares about that lol



  1. I love my belt I haven’t taken it off yet. yay. I think I may start a blog You guys make it sound so fun..

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