Posted by: tanyams | May 19, 2009

The Bachelorette

I don`t normally watch the Bachelor or the bachelorette, cuz it`s stupid. buncha skanks and jerks…

But i watched it last night, since the new Bachelorette, Jillian is from Vancouver.

right away I saw the man of my dreams….

for Alisha that is!

 lol i`m taken already, but if I wasn`t… mmmm mmm, anyhoo.. we need her to dump him, go find him, convert him and make him move to BC, which he`s already willing to do, since he`s trying to get Jillian anyways…

jacobThis is Jacob… a Pilot! How hot is that!

As if his hotness wasn`t enough, he`s got a hot job too, he can fly you wherever you wanted! And He seemed soooooo stinkin sweet! Like way too good to be true… but ya I will be watching the rest of the season if he`s in it thats for sure…





  1. Hmmmm…the pilot thing is kind of intriguing, however, I don’t think that’s he’s THAT amazing looking. He’s cute, but he’s not really anything special. He’s basically a generic blonde hair, blue eyed guy who works out, in my opinion…don’t hit me.

    • Ya he’s not my usual type, i like tall dark and handsom, lol clearly….
      its his charm that gets me tho. and the way he said he’s looking for his ‘co-pilot’ so corny but so cute!

  2. Jacob gets eliminated, right before Sasha does on Hometowns….watch and see!

  3. om gosh! He’s the same guy that I chose too! He is rather dreamy..

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