Posted by: tanyams | May 25, 2009

If I had a Million Dollars

Its now 6 am, I’ve been out of bed since 5am but up since I went to bed last night! I have no idea why I wasn’t able to fall asleep! I should have opened the bottle of wine I bought, that would have helped… oh well

As I was laying in bed I was thinking about my yummy ice cream I bought mmmm I was hungry I guess… it’s the Ben and Jerry’s If I had a million flavours kind. So yummy!

But it made me think of the song “If I had a million dollars” from the Barenaked Ladies, and how a million dollars isn’t very much now adays… (but I would be happy with a bag of chips and a poke in the eye, so a million bucks right about now would be amazing…) But I was watching Don’t forget the lyrics yesterday and Wayne Brady asked the girl who was a contestant what she would do if she won all the money and she said she would throw a huge 80’s party for all her friends…..
Am I the only one who thinks that she was really stupid and didn’t deserve a penny? what a waste of money, when there are children dying all around the world of hunger, and diseases…. not that she should have given all the money away but honestly, at least put it to some kind of a good use… 

but then it led me to think about the 6 49 winnings of 49 million bucks, and what I would do if I had that kind of money…

well, if you ever wanted to know what I would do I will tell you, you may not agree, you may  think I’m stupid too, everyone has their own opinion, but I think this is how I would use the money:

1. Pay off my condo (let one of my cousins or friends live in it for free)
2. Buy a cute small 3-4 bedroom house In Vancouver by the beach
3. Buy a reliable car
4. Buy my parents a new truck, and have enough money to live comfortably
5. Buy my sister a condo downtown
6. Buy condos for all my cousins so they wouldn’t have to work to pay off a mortgage, and possibly new cars
7. Take care of my bestest friends car payments and mortage
8. Take the Family on a trip to Italy to visit family and such
9. Go on a romantic vacay with Jay
10. Take all my friends to Mexico 🙂
11. Buy all my girls really awesome Vespas (more on that later)
12. Set aside Money for a rainy day
13. Donate everything else, all of it.

Thats all I could think of at least. Now that I look at my list, I think I am actually pretty selfish cuz I wanna spend a crap load of money on things, (cuz its not like I absolutly need a house on the beach, or vacations) when I could just all be giving it away. But I’m imperfect so thats my excuse lol. And I think the money that would be donated would still be more than I spent anyways.

How would you spend 49 million buckaroos? Leave a comment with your answer!




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