Posted by: tanyams | May 25, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

I was thinking of the Vespas I would buy for my girls….

Brittany was the first one who came to mind, cuz it’s the easiest. It would be turquoise with a coral Bunny helmet… lol18S-XN-Hong




Rhea’s would be cherry/plum dark and sexy with some kinda asian inspired design lollx150_plum_6095





Carms would be cellery coloured with gold flecks so as to have an indian sari inspired one, i dunno why I just think carm suites green colours…green





Alisha would definatly be sexy cherry red with zebra print seatssharppinkvespa





Raelene would be bright orange with flames on the front -ala her old pacer inspired, cuz that’s how we used to roll.flames

Tina’s would be all out Sailor moon deco’d to which there is no picture, but the one in my head… it would be awesome tho…



And my Sister would get the Hello Kitty Vespa!hello_kitty_scooter





But I, I would get the Pink Louis Vuitton Vespa… cuz i’m Miss Money bags



I’ve always wanted to be part of a biker gang! And we’d be the cutest biker gang ever! And we would have matching  jackets and we’d be called the Sassy Lassies. (Named after our Sassy Lassies Lit. Soc.) How non-dorky are we…




Sorry for those I missed, and those I don’t have pictures of cuz I’m at work lol and can’t find any pics!! Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t still buy you a vespa! 😉 lol



  1. lol…I love mine! How did you knooooow. 😉
    P.S. I love the fact that mine was the first to pop into your head. Yessssss I’m special.

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