Posted by: tanyams | May 26, 2009


I went shopping today and saw a dress I bought last summer from The Bay at Winners for $20 cheaper than I payed! But it’s a year later, sooo… meh

I ended up  buying a super cute summer dress for $20, it’s Brittany’s favorite colours, turquoise and coral!  And a one peice bathing suit, my first one ever I believe! But I thought it was cute, and not old ladyish… I hope! it’s brown and red… I have pics, just dont mind my  blinding white skin and boobs lol It’s hard to find a one peice for me because I have to have a large top and a small waist size, and usually its made with small tops and larger waists, God knows why, but thats how they are made, oh an no underwires for sim reason! Cuz they think gravity doesn’t exist? I have no clue…







Ok So I watched The Bachelorette last night, I dunno about how all the other ones went down but this almost seemed like a mixture of the amazing race, and survivor!

They made them race around in teams going from one clue to the next, then at the end of that she chose Wes, the country singer with alterior motives… Ya I can totally see why she picked him, I would loooove it if a guy wrote me a song and played it for me, but he just seems like he’s not even really very nice…

And thank God she chose Jake for the date… omg so cute! Right then, I would tell every other guy who was there to leave and I would have made my choice! He’s so perfect!

Ok an then there was the group date with the basketball, meh, it was ok, it didn’t seem like she talked to the tall british guy much, but he’s odd looking anyways, but he seemed actually nice.

I used to think Juan was cute, but he seemed like a poser and a liar, I can see why Dave hated him…not that Dave is a great catch or anything, he has anger issues or something, I would not want a guy who keeps saying how he wants to beat people up… lame…

AND the guy who skinny dipped by himself, um, when will guys see that we don’t want to see those things, plus, HELLO! SHRINKAGE!? Gross!




  1. Cute bathing suit, and cute dress…Bravo! *applause*.

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