Posted by: tanyams | May 28, 2009


Just came back from a restroom break, and the lady in the stall next to me decided she was done and walked out without washing her hands!

Not even getting them wet…

No attempt to even go towards the sink at all….


No wonder there are so many diseases and poeple getting sick in the world!!

I can’t even call the lady retarded cuz that would be an isult to every retarded person in the world cuz they most likely wash their hands after peeing… I mean, u learn that when your a child…

There should be some way to alert people when the person didn’t wash their hands… Burns-WashHands

So for those of you reading this that maybe never learned how to wash your hands… this is for you…


I just hope my readers DO wash their hands! lol I think you guys are smart enough to do that 🙂





  1. haha!!!! love this post! x

    • thanks Ice! lol people are so gross… it happeneds sooo much too! Every day!
      I’m right at the chinese cosulate and i love asains but seriously the old ladies need to start washing their hands! lol

  2. ewww thats gross!
    to be honest its no wonder things like e-coli are on the rise, there definately should be a way to alert people about not washing their hands at least that way they’d remember in the future!

  3. Ya its so gross. This isn’t the middle ages we have running clean water we have immediate access to hand sanitizer and clean water toilets and soap and some how people still refuse to use it.

  4. haha i liked how you tagged this ‘swine flu’ cuz i was thinking that as I was reading the top part of the post. This is defientely a gross habit people need to break YUCK!

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