Posted by: tanyams | June 1, 2009

The Bachelorette Blog

So another Bachelorette  episode was on tonight and I have to say that I think she sent Sasha home too early… Seemed like a nice date and he seemed nice enough, dumping him like that was kinda cold, especially if it was just because he hasnt been heartbroken yet, big deal… oh well.
K, then the whole Dave being a psycho thing factors into it, like what the heck.He looks like a guy who could be abusive, in some way or another… I thought he was odd the very first show, where he “lost his words” he just came accross crazy to me…
anyhoo I do agree with his view on Juan, to an extent, not to the who murdering him extent tho… creepy. I Dislike Wes the most, he seems fake and out to get a record deal or something.

I knew right away at the rose cerimony that Brad and Tanner F were going home tho,  they were the first 2 pictures she picked up, kinda gave it away for me. Which I, at first, wondered why the heck they were there to begin with, neither were very goodlooking, but now I actually thought Brad seemed like the most sincere guy there. But at the end, he made a strange comment of being a drifter, which was pretty creepy…

I dunno I just think Jake is the best I guess. And she has bad taste in guys… she likes them kinda on the creepy side.  Tanner P… foot guy, talking and gesturing to eat them and etc.

the-bachelorette-jillian-harrisThats all for now




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