Posted by: tanyams | June 3, 2009

Fashion Kitty

Fashion Kitty answered my question 🙂 I love Fashion Kitty. I asked her about the necklace in Confessions of a Shopaholic, the Anchor necklace Isla wore. I neeeed that necklace, so if you find it, buy it for me, I don’t care how much it costs, and I’ll pay you back 🙂

anchor_necklace02-191x300anyhoo, check out Fashion Kitty, she’s on my blog roll, and here’s the link to my question I asked her and her answer:





  1. You realize that they have been selling between $355.00 and $549.99 on Ebay, right? lol. So when you say, “if you find it, buy it for me, I don’t care how much it costs”, do you really mean that? If so, I’ll keep my eye on Ebay for you.

    • No way, they were only about $110 on the site. I couldnt find any on ebay or amazon or craigslist…
      K well then I do not want to pay $550 for the necklace lol

      • I figured you didn’t realize that. lol. I found that out by visiting someone’s blog who was writing about that necklace all last month. She found one on Ebay 4 different times, and she said that the cheapest one sold for was $355.00 USD. She said there was even one listed at one point for a starting price of $999.00! People are crazy. Of course that one didn’t sell.

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