Posted by: tanyams | June 8, 2009

Oh No!

I totally broke my camera!! Soooo, now I have the dilemma of how to tell Jay with out him freaking out! And also, if I should try to get it fixed or just buy a new one? It was a $600 camera when we bought it. Nikon coolpix, but I hated it, it’s been nothing but problems and now it’s finally kicked the bucket, and it’s only been 3 years… that’s pretty short for a camera, a $600 camera at that! My sister said it’ll be about $100 to fix if not more…

If I do buy a camera, I do not want to spend that much ever again! I would want to keep it under $300 and I would want it to have a fast shutter and be able to take pics under water, you know, for all those times I’m in the water, which isn’t very often lol but still… And not break so darn easily! Anyone know any awesome cameras to buy??

so any suggestions??



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