Posted by: tanyams | June 8, 2009

The Bachelorette Mondays

I was sooooo excited to watch The Bachelorette tonight!
It was all shot in Vancouver, so it was cool to see some of my favorite places and things I can never do because it’s way too expensive, but would love to…
I was so shocked that she sent Mike home instead of Mark… Mike seemed way more interesting, Mark seemed like a dud 😛

AND DAVE is such a creeeeper! He seemed like a molester or something. Like one of those guys that you meet at a bar who doesn’t take no for an answer and then slips something into your drink when you aren’t looking. So glad she sent him home. And as of Juan, I have no clue why she sent him home, but I didn’t really trust him. Even tho he was very cute.

I was not shocked that Wes is apparently not single, and  that he didnt fess up to it. BUT Tanner might be lying to get rid of his competition. He looked really nervous during the rose cerimony! He was stressing out big time, made him look super suspicious.

That all being said… WHY CAN’T A GUY BE DATING SOMEONE ELSE BACK HOME? She’s dating a million guys and he might end up getting screwed over anyways, soooo why can’t he be keeping his options open too? I mean if it got more serious then he should tell the other girl its over, but how does he know which he should chose before he knows her better anyways. i dunno i thought it was a little hypocritical. But at the same time, I wouldn’t want the guy to have any other girls cuz then my heart be getting broken… but all is fair in love and war right?


And Jake is still adorable!

Thats all for now… i’m sleepy






  1. nice commentary on the bachelorette! haha
    check back on my blog for the recap i’ll be writing about last night’s episode! 🙂

  2. I was excited to see it too!! I can NOT stand Wes- he is just too much- he looks like he will hurt her in the long run. And I still love Jake- I hope she ends up with him!!

    Btw, are you from Vancouver? I saw that scene shot at the Granville Island Market- that is where I am planning on visiting when I go to Vancouver this year- it’s so gorgeous!!

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