Posted by: tanyams | June 15, 2009



I am at work right now and I’m snacking on some Nature’s Path Organic toaster pastries! Aka pop tarts. But I hate pop tars, they were sooo sugary and sweet I never liked them as a child and I still don’t. So I wasn’t too sure about these ones, but I got a huge bag of Nature’s Path Organic Foods from a client today and sheassured me it was not too sweet and I didn’t even need to toast them. So I tried them, so yummy and delicious! But they are 210 cals soooo just because they are healthy doesn’t mean you should eat a whole box of them haha which I would love to do! But it tied over my hunger till dinner!

I can’t wait to try the rest of the goodies, especially the Flax Plus Maple Pecan crunch cereal! nom nom nom!






  1. I love those poptarts YUM! What kind of clients give you poptarts- I need your job! lol

    • Ya they are pretty tasty! I work for a pediatrician, and patients moms love me i guess lol Usually they give me sweets like cookies and pasteries etc. but at xmas they gave us all coach wallets and thingies!

  2. wow that’s great!

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