Posted by: tanyams | June 16, 2009

I missed the Bachelorette! And My LUCKY TOES!

I missed it! grrr! I heard Ed left and she was all upset but ya I’m going to try to find it on youtube tonight when I go home.
I hope Jake is still in the runnings!  
And Wes gets taken out 😛 barf

anyhoo I really like my hair cut, it feel fresh and a lot shorter but still has length, but just much healthier… and I got a peekaboo blue sugarloc streak put in. Jason FREAKED when he saw it hahah
I went home and I am not as happy with the colour as I was hoping for, I really wanted to be blonde like Amanda Bynes’ new do AmandaBynesMTV







but I don’t see much of a difference between what I had before I got it done and now. It’s still dirty blonde/brown. And I was hoping for more of a lustrous blonde and it’s still kinda mousy looking to me… if I had a damn camera I would show you all but I don’t 😦 ah well.


Anyhoo on a awesome note, I am featured on again!

 I wish I had a pedi! I just don’t havethe time or money at the moment, and I want the perfect nail polish colour that I can’t seem to be finding anywhere! A matte turquiose perfect for summer and my new purse! Which I have to take a pic of and show one of these days…  

anyhoo I totally got featured! That’s because I know what I’m talking about when it comes to fashion and shoes people… I made Raelene’s cousin Kimmy shop for shoes and she didn’t listen to all my advice but she did end up with some pretty rad lime coloured pumps that gave her short frame height, and a thicker heal helped balance her shape and make her look longer and leaner and some sexy toe cleavage never hurt either 🙂

Oh how I would love to go shopping with people and tell them what to buy…. it would be like a dream job for me… any takers?






    That link should let you watch it- there is a part 1 and part 2. Enjoy!:D

    • omg awesome thanks

  2. you’re welcome 😀

  3. ever since i’ve lived in ny they never wanted to make me super blonde either so finally one time i brought in a pic of pamela anderson and was like THIS. haha– it worked! to get color like that you have to tell them to color your base plus highlights… it gets to be $$ but all in the name of beauty! ;o)

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