Posted by: tanyams | June 22, 2009

Back in Vancouver!

Yay! Home sweet home!

I had a great time on the weekend in Kamloops, the scenic views were beautiful and the convention was amazing, but it takes a lot out of you for sure, and the 3 hour drive feels like forever, especially when you get caught in the rain and fog and thunder storms. But It was fun. I’m just glad to be home.

I am soooo stinkin’ tired today tho, I got home and went to bed and then had to wake up so early for work! Usually Monday’s aren’t too bad because the doctor is only here for half the day, but today I have like a million things to do! Faxes, new referrals, msgs, scanning and reply to a crap load of emails we received while we were away. Not to mention I haven’t even checked the voice mail to see what kinda calls we got…

I am so hungryyyy! even though he brought salad for lunch today it was so yummy. It was all fresh from the garden, and so crispy! nom nom nom! yes our boss makes us lunch, it’s pretty awesome.

anyhoo I will end this post with Alisha’s donation page. for those of you who don’t know, Alisha is my friend who is running in the Underwear affair to fight cancers below the waist! Yay Alisha! And everyone runs in their undies! And you should all donate! 🙂 Or at least check out her Page! there’s an awesome pic of her in her undies 😉 lol click it, you know you want to!

Alisha’s Page!





  1. Where is Kamloops at? IT sounds interesting!

    • its a about a 3 hour drive away from the coast of BC. But its a very pretty drive. 🙂

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