Posted by: tanyams | June 23, 2009

The Bachelorette Rocky Mountain Romance

So Jillian took the boys on a tour of beautiful BC and Alberta last night. (I personally have been to all those places before and it’s even more amazing in person! And now that I watched that I want to go again!)


First one on one date was with Robby the bartender,  which seemed like it was going pretty well, he was all cute and nervous, talks about how he’s young and between jobs at the moment but he’s serious about looking for love… sounds sorta hoboish to me! lol but he made her some drinky drinks and they looked like they were having fun, but she kicked him off the train and left him in the middle of the BC wilderness, while the rest of the guys pressed their noses to the glass to watch, oh and Michael started crying… odd. Maybe he wished he coulda been out in the wilderness with Robby, a little Broke Back Mountaineer… lol

Wes goes to comfort Jillian and she falls for it.  Wes then talking about the fame from this show coming inside of him and he eats it and… something. nI dunno it was weird. Creepy douchebag.

Next morning  after breaky she hands them  a group date card: Tanner, Wes, Michael, Jesse, Jake and Kiptyn. So reid gets the other one on one.

They all go snowshoeing, Tanner decides to take the red ones to match with Jillian’s red ensemble so that he can get closer to her feet… they alll play hide and seek and Jake found Jillian. They go to a lodge and Jake gets alone time and Jillian asks him what they’d do in his hometown. He can’t wait to introduce her to his parents. He almost starts to tell her how he feels and all the other guys crash, ARG! Frustrating! I love Jake, he makes my uterus skip a beat! lol He is so the type of guy you want to procreate with, you know your kids would be good looking, smart and well raised with him…. ❤

Kiptyn is next they say some random stuff and start makin’ out. I’d say he was pretty safe at this point. Back to the group, they start talking about what they sleep in and Tanner takes off his pants, and OK I was not a Tanner fan before, but DAMN as weird as he is, this man is growing on me… his bod was amazing, they had to blur out is area even tho he was wearing tighty whities…. anyways moving on…

Tanner gets his alone time now as he rubs her feet with lotion. He even says “if she would paint them ‘Mango Mango’ they would be a 10.'” I totally thought it was creepy that he had the foot fetish, but honestly now, I think I would actually love it, a guy always wanting to rub my feet, I think I could learn to live with that. Jason always said that he was attracted to my feet when we met, but he never rubs my damn feet…. anyways back to the topic at hand here…

Next is Jesse’s alone time, kinda boring nothing to write home about besides making out, I think he’s pretty safe too.

Michael’s alone time is roasting some marshmallows outside by the fire. Michael talks about their depth and how his family will love her. Jillian then talks about the physical connection not being there. Maybe because he’s like a little kid still, Hello Ms. Robinson, erm I mean Harris, or the broke back mountain thing. Possibly both.

Meanwhile, Inside, Tanner decides to tell the guys it was he who told Jillian there is a guy who has a girlfriend. The guys seem to be ok with it, siding with Tanner, all except Wes. He gets all defensive and says how he hates a tattle tale. Hmmmm, might as well have just said that he hates being told on. I mean if he had nothing to hide he wouldn’t have cared. then he goes on to say how he’s gotten through 6 episodes and has got what he wanted and he can haul ass now. I don’t know what he was thinking to actually saying that to the guys there, maybe he thought they would think it was funny, but they all looked pretty ticked off to me.

The next morning Jake tells Jillian how much she means to him and they hug and whatever. so cute.

Reid gets his alone date, they go snowboarding, and he sucks. But she likes crappy boarders I guess. Then they go to some awesome Ice sculpture picnic area thing that was amazing… they go inside and have some fondue that freaks reid out, and yadda yadda yadda he gets a rose.

The train stops in beautiful Banff, Alberta. Where the rose cerimony will take place. At the cerimony she asks to speak to Michael privatly. Stupid girl, she should have already made up her mind.

and get her heart broken because she deserves it for being so stupid, but the hopeful romantic side of me would like her to be happy in who she decides and hopes she gets rid of Wes. I honestly don’t really care who she picks now, I almost want her to get stuck with

Tanner and Jake. Is she nuts? She keeps creepy, sleazy and not to mention ugly Wes, the immature, young and possibly gay Michael over Jake??sumpingShe ends up

I am more excited about the clips for the rest of the season, and how Jake comes back (in his hot pilot uniform) to tell Jillian that Wes is a tool. Should be good.

and that’s what I remember from last night’s show!




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