Posted by: tanyams | June 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home


Just had a shower. Eating some organic salad from the garden. (not my garden, but agarden lol) and rubbing my dog’s belly.

Came home from Camping about an hour and a half ago. Unloaded all the dirty clothes etc. And very carefully took a cold shower, as to not hurt my already burnt skin! I am so red! I look like a lobster! I was wearing sunscreen. I will have the worst tan lines…. my left boob is completely red, my right one is totally white! haha and my nose and back and legs are all in pain as well… ah well. It was super gorgeous there. We went to Otter Lake, a 4 hour drive away! Never doing that again though, considering we can go camping somewhere just as nice and about 3 hours closer!


I will upload some pics of the site tomorrow, tonight I have to go to sleep! I’m too tired to even finish my food, so you know I must be very tired! haha

ok nite!



Updated pics:

the goregous view from our first campsite002

the amazing view of the lake that we had all to ourselves with the girls floating around


row row row your boat….


Alisha choppin wood so damn fast you can’t even see the axe!



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