Posted by: tanyams | June 30, 2009

The Bachelorette Blog Mondays – Hometown Visits!

So, another week has come and gone, and so has another episode of the Bachelorette with Jillian Harris. My guilty pleasure…


I was sooo excited for this episode due to the fact that Jacob would be returning, and it’s the last chance to see him, unless he’s the next Bachelor of course.

So this ep.. started with Reid’s hometown of Pennsylvania. I honestly don’t remember anything special about this date, it was a snooze fest. So dull, besides a lil making out, and his mom wanting him to have babies cuz he’s gettin’ old or whatever.

Next, I think, was Michael. Who is adorable! AND has a TWIN! even more adorable! I’m not a huge Michael fan cuz I think he’s too young for her, but he certainly was very sweet and his family seemed super sweet too, his sister flew in all the way from Australia to be there. That’s a dedicated family. Michael tried to do the ol switcheroo with his bro and try to trick Jillian, but she figured it out right away that it wasn’t him. Which as I was watching with my hubby and Dorian, they were saying how they couldn’t tell them apart, and neither could I, but I said that if I really loved someone I would be able to tell them apart right away, if I couldn’t then I should be worried. And she could, so I thought that was a good sign…

Kiptynwas next I believe, his family lived in some huge ass mansion in San Diego, I’d keep him around just for that purpose alone lol. But I would kick him out because of his snobby family… they were “well to do” types. Not my cup of tea, they would be the kinda people who thinks they are better than others. They poked fun at Jill for the infamous ‘hot tub’ scene from The Bachelor, and taped off their hot tub. which I found pretty funny. And his mom really grilled Jill. My husband thought that was a good thing, it shows she’s a good mom or whatever. But as a woman who has had to deal with a mom like that, I wouldn’t choose that, especially if I had other options. Althought she did seem to like Jill until they got into the  hot tub at least!

Then she went to Jesse’s Family vineyard, which i have persoanally been looking forward to seeing since the first day when it said under his name that he made wine! yummm! He’s not my type AT ALL. He looks exactly like a younger version of my boss, and they had the same last name. Weird… maybe they’re related, I should ask him tomorrow,  lol Anyhoo, it kinda dissapointed me when I saw his brother! Wtf, looked like a huskier, mountain man version of  Woody Harrelson! And seemed kinda woman hating… but they have an abundance of Vino, therefore, I could drink myself silly to imagine a less mountainy looking family. Ahhh to have a vineyard one day… ❤

Lastly was Wes. The sleazy country singing, girlfriend cheating loser. Who took her to meet his band first, of course. And went on to say how being on stage was better than anything in the world, including a woman… wtf. being a egomaniac does that I guess. He flat out says he’s not in it for the girl. And this is where Jacob comes in to the picture. Now as you may know I am a huge Jacob fan, but tonight I felt that his return was a little…pathetic. If he wanted to say something he could have done it before he was voted off the islandsent home. And the proper and respectful thing to do is to tell the man who you are about to tattle on, and give him a chance to come clean before you do. Because now it just seems petty and like he was jealous or looking for a way to come back, and win over Jillian. Which didn’t work anyways and he was left crying at the hotel! um… ok. Odd. Jillian decided to visit Wes’ family anyways, and asked them about all of it and they said Jacob was jealous and whatnot. Of course they would side with Wes, he’s family, and they want him to be famous too! Duh.

I was so waiting for the Rose ceremony to see who she picks, then Ed shows up! What the heck, he left! Now he’s back? wtf why? she tells him to stay for the rose ceremony that night.

She ends up dumping  Michael and Jesse. Keeping Reid, Kypton, Wes and Ed! Um WTF this girl is stupid. She was all sad about Ed and not meeting his parents and unsure about Wes. I dunno about you but if I had the choice between 2 guys I like, one who is nice, and very genuine around me and one who is nice enough, but kinda gives off a player vibe and people keep telling me bad things about, I think I would get rid of the latter… but thats just me. I tend to like nice guys rather than douche bags… All though Jason was more like Wes than Jacob when we met…hmmm I guess I can see how she likes the bad boy thing …

anyways I am still looking forward to next week’s show! Spain here they come!





  1. I agree the next bachelor will be Jake and Im glad, he seems so sweett. (:
    i am so mad that wes is still there ugh!
    love your blog! 🙂 check out mine at
    thanks! 🙂

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