Posted by: tanyams | July 5, 2009

My Weekend!

How was your weekend?

Mine was great! I went to a couple BBQs and swimming and a bonfire or 2…. tee hee. Very fun 🙂

I cheated on my diet a little the second day I had like 8 slices of ciabatta with spinach dip…and a sex on the beach, and a china white, and a smore…. ok so i cheated a lot…. 😦 It was all the bad influence. But I will do much better the rest of the week with no bad influences pushing food and drinks in my face….

Tonight, I made the tastiest grilled veggies and chicken, and I was cutting it all up on my plate and somehow I dropped my whole plate and about 90% of my food ended up on the floor, which was QUICKLY eaten up by my dog… but I took a pic of what I managed to pick up off the floor/out of my dog’s mouth and put in the garbage…




What I did manage to save on my plate was sooooooo yummy though 🙂

I made a fruit salad for breaky and snacky for the rest of the week too! sooo yum! But Hubby ate HALF of the WHOLE BOWL!!! how is that even possible??



This is some of the food at the picnic, how could I resist??


I made it with half mint chocolate and half orange YUM! I really likes the orange side the best tho! 🙂


Weird little spider on the bonfire, that got his leg stuck on a melted mallow and now he’s deformed for life… poor little ugly thing… ick…



I look forward to the rest of the week after a relaxing weekend in the pool and sun, and by the fire 🙂 I love summer!




  1. ewww spider lol… jk I’ve grown to accept insects this summer since my class spends the entire day studying them!

    Mmm no more smores pics, I’m desperate for one!

    Sometimes you gotta cheat a little, just as long as it’s sometimes.

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