Posted by: tanyams | July 7, 2009

Milan Fashion Week!

I tried to post this in my FASHION FILES PAGE but it kept saying error! Grr! So I do have more On the Paris Fashion week there though, so go to my Fashion Files page to see all the ladies collections! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!


This show is all about the men, and would you really expect anything less from Italy? Didn’t think so…
Lets start this off with Dirk Bikkembergs… who? Ya i dunno but he’s clearly got an eye for abs, erm, I mean talent… ok let me just wipe the drool of my keyboard…. there we go, anyways, I wasn’t crazy about his collection, but I know my husband would love the red suit!

Drik Bikkembergs

Dirk BikkembergsSS 

Next is Vivienne Westwood’s theatrical collection! Which was much more of a eye candy in costume:
“HI-HO Silver AWAY!!!!” Just needed to say that. But seriously, this made me think of when Antonio Banderas anCatherine Zeta-Jones were sword fighting and he starts ripping her clothes to shreds… ya, this guy can do that to me anytime… lol


“Yo-Ho Yo-Ho a Priates Life for me!” and “We’re Men, We’re men in tights!”



ok now all jokes aside here  there were some awesome peices  that I would love if Jay bought 🙂 I especially loves this Giorgio Armani suit, I could picture Jay and I actually wearing these peices. So Fab!


And of course I loved the Calvin Klein collection as usual, they can’t go wrong



Pale Grey was a common theme through out this show, which I love,  as seen in this Versace which I also love.

On that note  Dolce & Gabbana’s collection was um, I’m sorry what was I talking about? I got this sudden urge to use a washboard…





  1. I love the Giorgio Armani suit!! 🙂 And the eye candy isn’t bad either.. 😉

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