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The Bachelorette Recap Blog: Spain!

I woke up this morning in a Bachelorette mood and actually wore a white blouse and a red rose necklace in the whole bachelorette theme to work today! hahah I’m such a geek! (I don’t know why the middle rose itsn’t red in my pic tho)











This week the last 4 boys go to Spain to try to win over Jillian… or her win them over considering the final 4 she has chosen…

But omg FINALLY after a LONG long long overdue time, she actually gave Wes the ‘ol heave ho! YAY! I was soooooofrustrated watching this episode because they drug out the whole show from the beginningto end. Next week should be even worse…but anyways here’s my cliffnotes:

First up for a date, Kiptyn. They go for a walk in the park, he tells her how a proposal is a little ridiculous this soon, and she is not liking that. She feels that you have to take a leap of faith… um ya ok, wouldn’t you rather someone actually love you and want to spend the rest of their life with you… guess not. Then they go flamenco dancing, with full on tight outfits too, he said he couldn’t do up the zipper… uh ok there buddy, wishful thinking I assume lol. Dinner time rolls around, they are having a good time and the overnight date invite comes to the table, much to my surprise Jill declines! *good girl jill!* by that point I knew he would be declining every overnight invite for the rest of the show… But she did go to the fantasy suite and they canoodled for a while. At the end of the date Jill was still insecure about her relationship with Kip, she actually said she thought he was too good for her. I have never ever thought that a man was too good for me, and I don’t know why any woman would…shows me that Jill has got some hidden insecurities of herself.

Second date in Spain was with Reid. They walk to the shops and butcher the Spanish language by trying to order food for a picnic. He finally opens up a bit about his feelings ”It takes me awhile to open up and tell someone how I’m feeling…”. Jillian: ”How do you feel?” And this is the best he can do ”I think we’re very similar.” Oh how can she turn down that overnight card after that romantic statement of love similarity? 😛
They go for dinner, and the topic comes up once again! She might as well wear a T-shirt that says “tell me you love me” to every date the week. ”I like you a lot. ‘Obviously physically, I’m attracted to you…You’re a good person…You smell good…We have chemistry physically, mentally, I think” omg Jillian this is getting embarrassing! It’s actually painful to watch, but I can’t look away. So addictive.

So, next is Ed, and Ed has a lot of catching up to do. They go for a romantic carriage ride though the town, which looks amazing, not that they saw anything else besides the other person’s face smooshed upon theirs though… he mentions how he re-evaluated his priorities and said ”I was working non-stop for two weeks straight, and I’m just like, I can’t do this — I have to go back somehow.” AND she EATS it all up. Loves it! Then they go make out in a public fountain, which looks pretty cool, but everyone is watching them, kinda attention-whorey for me. I’m not so much into the PDA. Or catching some weird Euro foot warts on vacation…
Then at dinner they start talking about how she’d love Chicago and he would want her to move there ”You are exactly what I’m looking for…I can just see us being together for a long time, a long, long time.” It’s no ‘I love You’, but Ed gets closer than any of the other guys to telling her that he can see them married, or together whatev. Then comes the overnight invite she turns it down like 2 before, and Ed slyly says ”I think you can interpret this a lot of different and for me, honestly, it’s just getting more time with you.” Jackpot! He’s in the fantasy suit with her. But “clothes on” the whole night, ok. Keep it clean people!

Lastly Wes’s date in Beautiful Barcelona. He’s soooo ignorant he actually says how his last record went #1 in Mexico, so he feels at home with Spanish people… is this guy for real? They go for a bike ride around town and stop at a gazebo and even though he’s saying nice enough things for the most part about how he likes her, she says ”When Wes is telling me that he thinks that we would make a great match… he sat as far away from me as possible.”  She asks him hypothetically if he would move to Vancouver even just for a bit and he flat out says “that would be crazy” So how would it work if she chose him, he says “um that bird has no foot…”  and spills his beer like a buffoon. She drops the topic for the rest of the day, until dinner of course. Wes, then goes in to spill the beans about how his manager thought it would be a good career choice for him to go on the show. ”But if I came here to sell records, I’ve already played you a song, I’ve already done the whole band thing…I want you to know that if I wanted to go home, I think that my mission would have been accomplished.” In other words, if he wanted to sell records… he would have done everything he’s already done — plus leave, which he was trying to do right then…

”All day today, if you really were crazy about me then you would have come up to me and you would have kissed me at least once today.” Wes starts saying how he’s insecure — and then he makes a demand that he knows is impossible: He Needs to hear her say he’s the one before he can tell her how he’s feeling.  She’s all teary by then and asks: ”How do I even say, ‘Wes, you’re the one’ without knowing you feel the same way?Yes, I do think that you maybe originally came on this show for the wrong reasons, but if you feel differently now I need to know that.” OMG how dense/naive can she be? Finally he says ”I’m not here to hurt you but I’m going to be true to myself, because, you know, numero uno is most important here.”

OK if by then she wasn’t completely satisfied on the embarrassing situation she has to keep beating a dead horse and ask about Laural and who she is to him and he starts to tell her what he said to Jake ”I told him the whole story, I said my girlfriend, I mean ex-girlfriend…” oppsie! akward! ‘accidently’ said girlfriend instead of ex… Right away the overnight card arrives and in one last attempt to slay the slain he actually says ”I think we should, actually” he knew that it will NOT be happening.

Rose Ceremony Time

Jillian shows up in her feathery dress…yipes.
The guys are all saying how if it’s them who goes home… yadda yadda yadda… Wes says “if it’s me  know I’ll be back home having lots of sex.” The others lookdisgusted in him. When it gets down to the final rose, Wes looks beaming! He’s so ready to go home. And tells Kip congrats. Jill escorts Wes to the limo, why i do not know, but once he’s in He starts poundin’ back the booze and bragging about how he’s ”the first guy ever on The Bachelorette to make it to the top four with a girlfriend…. my acting days are over.” then he continues and rambles about God knows what. My husband and I were trying to understand but it was all slack-jawed hillbilly talk to me lol. I love country music, but I can guarantee that I will not be listening to Wes if he ever releases anything here! I think he did a pretty good job at telling the country world and Bachelorette fans that he’s a douche bag and his music is all corny and an act, not even from the heart.

Anyhoo Now that Wes is gone tell me how you feel about it!



  1. Love your review on the Bachelorette show last night- I agree with you- Can’t stand Wes- he avoids the hard questions, wt heck was he talking about a bird with no foot?? seriously haha- I’m so glad that she got rid of him FINALLY!! Honestly, I like Ed the most right now- I think they make a great match. Can’t wait to see the next show!!

    About my post earlier- I didn’t know other peoples family were like mine-seriously what makes parents/family like that? I don’t understand how they can’t just be happy for their family. I’ve learned to just live my life like I want to live it and be happy at whatever I do and if they don’t like it then they don’t have to be around me. We should be allowed to make our own decisions without negative input from our own family.

    I think the remaining guys are really sweet and genuine and I have faith Jillian will pick the right one.
    Im not sure who I want to win yettt.
    well great blog! keep it up! (:
    comment my blog at

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