Posted by: tanyams | July 13, 2009

Power Outage on West Broadway


I was just saying goodbye to my boss as he was leaving the office for the rest of the day. And about to click on my email when everything shut down.

Today is the one day that I forgot to bring my Jane Ere to work with me, and it’s the one day I could have actually had time to read it. No phone, no computer, can’t even go down to the street and go shopping since my office stairs don’t go to other levels with out special keys…

So I used what little battery life I had left on my cell to talk to my sister and Tina for a bit, cleaned the exam rooms, and watched the city cars below me in utter chaos with no traffic lights to direct them.

**Side note as I was typing this my computer shut down for no apparent reason, thank goodness for automatic save draft!**

I was hoping that my boss would let me go home early, but that was a no go. I am just counting the hours till I watch Jillian and the final 3 on the Bachelorette!

But I have to get some grocery shopping done today so leaving early would have been awesome…ah well.

My weekend was fun I went to a friend’s wedding and to see the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra! Which I will update you with when I get home and I have all my pics ready to post!




  1. omg! was u sitting in the dark?? i hate when i leave my book at home too!

  2. How boring…I hate power outages.

    Matt and I went to see the Symphony Orchestra a few months ago at UBC (is that where you went?), it was great! I enjoyed every minute of it…especially the symphonies when the conductor played the harpsichord, my favorite. Hope you had fun!

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