Posted by: tanyams | July 13, 2009

The Bachelorette Blog: Maui! Recap

This week Jilln takes the final 3 to Maui!

I’m writing this all as I watch the show, so I hope it all makes sense! heehee

First Date is with Kiptyn. Suprise Suprise. She is still unsure if she should trust him. So she takes him for a trust date on a ropes course. Which looked really fun to me, but omg so scary lol. And she actually showed some signs of fear of adventure sports which she never really showed before, which made Kip feel more needed I think. every little “challenge” they did she made sure to give him a kiss, but I can’t help but notice how it was her instigating the kiss, not him. 
Omg as they were kissing I realized he’s slightly balding from the back there… hmm
As they were gong to dinner she was wondering about how he has always been the dumper and not the demped. She tells him how her favorite part was when he was encouraging her on the top of the pole. (I love her earings that she is wearing to dinner! So pretty!)He goes on to say that he would never want to hurt her, and how she’s someone he could spend his life with. Then she offers him the fantasy suite. (Ew, is she sleeping with 3 guys this week? Nasty.)

Next Date is with Reid. She apparently wants to play with a beach ball and make out in a park. And of course get him to tell her he loves her  erm I mean “communicate” with her. They then go into a helicopter, and tour the island. The pilot was apparently a minister and they joked about getting married right then and there. They get dropped off at a gorgeous picnic spot. They talk about how he “feels” about her and where it’s going. He still didn’t give any solid answers.
Dinner time! She’s wearing a gorgeous coral maxi dress that I want! They go for a romantic dinner on the beach. She mentions living in Vancouver and they disguss it a bit, and offers to move to Philly and asks him if he will purpose, he says maybe. MAYBE, ya not the answer she was looking for genius! He says how he’s indecisive. (Clearly). “Ya I mean, ya, I am ready, ya… this is so hard for me…” um, ya still not the answer she wanted so much. She offers the Fantasy suite to him. He says how he’s scared, becuause he got denied before. And how he needs to go there before he can tell her he loves her. (Oh please…you don’t need to spend the night together to know if you love someone). In the fantasy suite he continues to beat around the bush and not really say “how he feels”. They are naked in the tub, now um, ew I don’t want to see that…germs gross.


Finally Ed has his date with Jill. They go on a romantic boat ride. She confesses how she wishes she could have met his family, and she’s concerned about that. They go for a swim, make out. He is wearing SUPER cute guy short shorts, love it!! HAHA I bought Jay some shorts like those once… aahh the good old days when Jay was ripped… anyways now Ed is telling her how he has brought his parents to meet her. Which is very sweet. They go to visit his parents, Jill goes on to tell them how much she loves everything about him. His dad is concerned about his job. (Ed is still wearing his booty shorts) Ed is trying to convince his dad how serious he is about Jill. Ed looks like him mom btw, thank goodness since his dad isn’t very good looking…lol
His dad grills Jill harder than him mom did. He gets all teary which is really sweet telling her how he is a best friend and a great person. *how sweet*
They go down to the beach where she offers him the fantasy suite card. -Again Jill, really?!
Now I’m just waiting for the big failure. Ed not makin’ the magic happen…
He straight up says he’s falling in love with her… Way better than the other 2 guys did so far…
He takes her to the bed, Ed says how got super nervous, she steps out in a low cut tunic with clearly no bra on, I’m sorry but yipes! cover up woman you’re on tv!! Lights go off, and BAM! lights go on! Ed can’t perform. Cuz they are “sunburnt and tired and nervous” um ok…


Rose Cerimony Time!

After way too much talking, she gets private videos they made for her to see.
Kiptyn’s first video msg, boring. Reid is second, still beating around the bush. Ed tells her how he loves her and wants to propose to her.
Now she has to decide, she asks to speak with Ed privatly, about the whole “situation” in the bedroom.

Kiptyn gets the first rose. duh

Reid is sent home.



  1. I love your bacholerette blogs because this way I can know what’s going on without watching the show 😀
    I’m not sure how you can sleep with 3 guys in one week and not realize that’s incredibly slutty, but whatever…
    OOoh.. so I know you hate Wes, but I was listening to the radio and there was all this stuff about how he was “misrepresented” and how ABC edited all his parts so that he’d come off looking like a jackass..

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