Posted by: tanyams | July 17, 2009

BeautiControl Spa Party Night – review

So my friend Desiree hosted a “spa” party tonight, with all of the BeautiControl products. Which, I went to, even though I was not going to buy anything. she insisted I come anyways, because it would be fun. So I went… (my camera is busted so sorry there’s no pics!)

Walking in we were greeted with a friendly BeautiControl rep who immediately started us on our hand scrubs, one hand sea salt one hand sugar scrub, which were soooo fab, they made your hands so smooth, but I can get that from a Kiosk at the mall, or make my own sugar scrub, (which I just did today and I took pics so I could show you so stay tuned for that!) Afterwards she gave us all facials and showed us all these wonderful products, my absolute favorite being the Lip Apeel, and the Microderm Abrasion Facial Set:










I have problems with my skin, I have combination skin, but I also have bad eczema it is usually on my hands as dermatitis, but it will sometimes spread everywhere, even my face; including my lips and eyes 😛  The moment I tried the lip treatment, I was sold! I loved it, the top of the jar (the blue cap) comes off and is a lip balm, and the lower half ( the white area) is all clay mask for your lips. I honestly have never felt softer more supple lips on my face!

The Microderm Abrasion felt so invigorating on my skin. It’s like a wake up for my face! Using a buffer is the best way to exfoliate as well, and I have been looking for one for a while, and was about to buy one today, for $70 plus tax and shipping American. When the beauticontrol one is $70 Canadian, so I save a bit of $$. It’s even cheaper for Americans! I think it was like $60 or something. And it lasts forever all you have to do it wash it 🙂 Much cheaper than going to a spa to get it done! –for example, at Spa Utopia Vancouver, the cheapest one you can get is a facial microdermabrasion and its a whopping $163 but they go up to $338, and you need to do it more than once to see the effects!  

And lastly I also loved the Regeneration® Tight, Firm & Fill® Face Creme, yes I copied and pasted that…


this tightened my skin, although I may be young, I could definitely see a difference in my skin’s appearance. It actually gave it more definition and my eyes weren’t as puffy. It was a miracle!

Needless to say I spent a lot of money tonight. But I really did get a really great deal on everything! If I were you I would host my own party, you get to try all the products, not to mention get  free products and it’s really fun!




  1. wow I want to try that. As you can see from my blog I’m always up for trying something new in the name of beauty :). Thanks for the comment and I’ll be sure to check in on yours often as well.

  2. Tanya, I’m so glad you gave BC a try and are satified with our products! I wish much success to your Canadian Spa Consultant…sounds as she did a wodnerful job! Enjoy your BC spa products!!!

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