Posted by: tanyams | July 19, 2009

My Shoes of the Week!

So I decided to try something new, I will show my shoes that I own, that I can find at least! ( I sill have many, many, Many shoes/boots and clothes in storage! And some in a huge pile for goodwill but those don’t count!)

So lets start this off shall we?! 

Now, I’m sorry for the bathroom shot lol but it was the best lighting in my tiny apartment!




So these shoes are straight from Italy! And they are vintage! My Aunt bought in Italy them back in the 80’s I believe and she gave them to me when I was 15, which back then vintage and patent wasn’t as hot for some stinkin reason(and big clunky shoes were!?) But I rocked them anyways! My favorite part about these shoes would have to be the strappy back, to this day I still haven’t found shoes with that feature that were as hot as these 🙂 Maybe I’m just bias!

So let me know how you like them!

   (pic of my feet in the mirror with my cute lil guy Simba! ❤ and my leopard print nails! lol)008



  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Simba is SO cute. And you know what’s funny? I was considering calling Peanut Simba! lol But Peanut won out, because there was never a tinier kitten than him for his age (even our vet said so!).

  2. cute pedi ❤ x

  3. I like the shoes!! I wish I could raid your shoe closet! 🙂

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