Posted by: tanyams | July 21, 2009

Gifts for Me!?

Ciao Bellas!

So yesterday I walk into work and see a huge fruit gift basket! I took pics on my cel but they for some reason can’t be uploaded… so here’s sorta what it looked like:


Full of yummy fresh fruit, laughing cow cheese, dark chocolate, crackers, cookies and mixed nuts! Yum yum!

It was from a patient’s family who were appreciative of me being able to get them in so fast for an urgent appointment.
How sweet is that?! But the only thing is, everyone was asking if it was my birthday (which coinsidently, it is!) So I had to explain to them that it wasn’t actually for my birthday, but it happends to be my birthday on Wednesday…. which I really was trying to not think about! Yipes! Another year older!

Anyways so my boss comes in and brings me a bunch of pecan squares too, sooo yummy, but not good for my diet so much! 😦

And my husband has been telling me he bought me a gift (again, not for my birthday, just for funzies I guess) but won’t tell me what it is, but is telling me it’s something I have been asking for from him and I really really want, and it’s between $100-$300 soooo I have no clue, I guess I ask for so many things that I can’t really remember what I ask for more than others lol

I am thinking possibly it may be a camera, since I need one, or a new cell phone, since mine is crap. OR and Ipod, but It could be an Iphone, but I doubt it… since I don’t really need one, and it’s an extra expense I don’t really need….

I doubt its jewellery but you never know…

Anyways, I should go clean my house it;s a pig sty! I am just procrastinating and putting it off for as long as possible… Lord help me….lol

Hope your day is going fabulously!




  1. nice! you’re having a good week.. i wish i was being showered with presents.. lol

  2. Yum! And happy birthday!

    P.S. If your husbands getting you an expensive gift for ‘funzies’ (Funzies? So funny!) I wonder what he’s getting you for your Birthday!

  3. SO…what did your present from Jay end up being?

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