Posted by: tanyams | July 26, 2009

My Shoes of the Week

the Shoes from my closet this week are:

Roberto Cavalli I believe! the imprint rubbed off from me wearing them lol


But I am giving these away sadly… I just can not walk in them any more! My feet grew! 😦




  1. Is this a recent growth in your feet? lol.

    The reason I’m asking is because MY feet grew…a whole half a size. It just happened one day last year…POOF! I couldn’t fit any of my 6.5 shoes anymore! Booooooo…waaaaah. I was so sad. I thought my feet were just swollen for some reason…but no. It’s for real. It’s been like 8 months, and they still are like this. *Sigh*

    P.S. Those shoes look like they hurt anyway. lol.

  2. Those are FRICKIN’ GORGEOUS! they would look so good with a little black dress.

  3. Omg those heels are really GORGEOUS! … Awww So sad you have to give them away… But on the bright side you can get a newer pair =D

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