Posted by: tanyams | July 27, 2009



Did it end the way you expected?


I knew Ed would win, beacause he was very upfront about being in love with her and wanting to marry her, which is what she wanted.

But I could NOT believe Reid came back to propose!

He blew his chance by not telling her how he felt before… and now he’s pulling an Ed! Anyways, I thought Kip was too good for Jillian, but yet perfect for her at the same time. hopefully she is happy with Ed!

Who knows maybe the next bachelor will be Kip?




  1. I’m glad that she ended up with Ed. For some reason, Kipton kind of came off not sincere in my opinion- is it just me or was he a weird kisser? I hated the way that he kissed, it was just awkward. Reed definitely waited too late, he should have told her his true feelings when he had a chance. She’s probably better off w/out him- he is very reserved and doesn’t communicate his feelings well.

    Glad that you are enjoying the Zevia!! 🙂

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