Posted by: tanyams | August 6, 2009

Trend Spotting – Sequins and Zippers

Hi Gorgeous Ladies!


I was shopping today and noticed a few things, some Main trends for Fall 2009:

Lots of sequins; dresses, t-shirts, etc.

Zippers; I fell in ❤ with a pair of grey leggings with zippers and the ankles! I think I will go and buy them (once they go on sale of course!)


80’s inspired; I also fell in love with a navy tulip skirt to go with my grey leggings, I LOVED it too, but it made my butt look odd, so therefore I will wait on that trend.

If I were a Boy; boyfriend blazers, shorts, pants, pennyloafers, uniforms (Napoleonic army, navy, royal guard, hussar, etc)

I also fell in love with oversized sweaters, looked sooo cozy for fall/winter!


Who needs pants when you have boots like those!

And of course the accessories! My fave would be the vintage looking things, roses, flowers, french inspired, cameos, nautical themes..




  1. I totally agree! I feel like everything is turning sequins again. Not a bad thing but I am not bold enough to use it in huge chunks. Lol. I love that boyfriend yellow and ivory sweater hoodie! It’s amazing!

  2. Darn you Blake lively, you are just to darn perfect! :o)

    P.S. I have the most gorgeous sequin dress from years ago, can’t wait to wear it again! (just hope I still fit!)

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