Posted by: tanyams | August 19, 2009

I Heart Calvin Klein

Hello ladies!

I found a cute CK day dress at the begining of Summer but it was a little out of my price range 😦 So I didn’t buy it, yesterday, by fluke, I went to the store and was browsing and found the same dress, in MY size, and on sale. MAJOR clearance sale to be exact. It was over $100, and I bought it for $16! Whoohoo! So I wore it last night for my talk at the meeting, which was on how to over come our fears, and I was working on appropriate clothing, thank goodness I wore this dress. It’s super retro, like June Cleaver retro. I wore it with pearls and my hair all boufanted lol, but I totally forgot my little gloves at home 😦 ah well.

Anyways I want to show you all a picture of it, but I am still with out a camera, so I found a CK dress online that is somewhat similar. But mine’s way cuter, but that’s ok. I still think $16 is super cheap for a CK dress!



My dress is the same gorgeous orange colour with a burnout polka dot pattern. Now, this dress isn’t for everybody, but for me, and for my talk, it was perfect!

Just had to share that today 🙂



  1. Oooo, thats lucky. I love it when something you love is on sale…and in your size!

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