Posted by: tanyams | August 24, 2009

My Spend on Trend Weekend

Hi Muffins!


So this weekend was super fun for me, Friday I went to Spend on Trend in Vancouver. Which was full of great local designers. No shoes unfortunately, but lots of jewelry and clothes 🙂

I still don’t have a camera so I had to borrow a friends who came with me 🙂

My beyond favorite designer was “House of L” ‘s goregous Leanne. She had such gorgeous jewelry there! Stunning 🙂

I had to take a pic of the booth she had, it was a fail. Haha so fuzzy 😦


She was such a sweetie too. Everything was so unique and one of a kind.

And guess what she sells on Esty as well! Click here to go to  House of L

After shopping the girls decided to go to the opening of a new Blendz for some coffee. And we get there and almost everything was free 🙂 Yummy. And we got ourselves drawn as cartoons! haha

tandraw  tinadraw


Then we went to the Asian night market in Richmond and did some more shopping and eating exotic yummy Asian foods.

Sat I went to the PNE because it was free to get in (theme park for those of you who don’t live here) and I auditioned to be the new News Anchor for the local news lol as did many others. I thought I was going to win for sure… but unlike me, I got nervous once I was up there and messed it up pretty bad, plus I look so washed out on camera and the shadows gave me a double chin! omg so not flattering. I would show you all my entry but um, I’m not brave enough lol

Yup and I ate funnel cake…. bad girl.

lol Hope you all had a great weekend! Kissy Kissy Face picture time!




  1. asian food in VA is awesome, looks like u had a good time!

  2. I was just gonna post about my weekend you ok I can still do it…:)…Spend on Trend was fun I wanna do it agian..:) Next time hopefully with a few extra bucks in my pocket.

  3. Looks like your guys had fun!
    Love the last picture. So cute.

  4. Next time I wanna come! 🙂

  5. Next time I want to come too! Looked fun!

    Those caricatures of you two are funny. If I saw those hanging somewhere, I wouldn’t have any idea that they were of you and Tina. They are cute! But not enough like you guys. Some artists are so good you can tell immediately who it is.

    Okay, I’m off to check Little L on Etsy!

    P.S. Is your hair darker right now? Or do you just have major roots? Or is it the lighting? Whatever it is I like it! LOL.
    P.P.S. (Is there such a thing?) Chelsea is so cute!

    • Ya I need a camera to show you the rest of the picture lol he drew my blog and simba and it was quite cute lol

      My hair is darker, and has roots! I hate it sooo much. SOO much, considering I paid like $200 for blonde and got darker than I was in the first place! And Ya I can’t afford to get it done again for a while… grr.

      I have another recessionista event to go to on Sept 27th you should come! it’s only $2 to get in

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