Posted by: tanyams | August 31, 2009

Weekend Warriors!

Not a fashion-y post, just an update on my weekend 🙂

I had an awesome fun time this weekend with my friends! I went to Memphis Blues on Commercial Drive, it is the MOST delish place for southern food in Canada for sure! 7 of us went and got the “Elvis Platter” biggest platter of meat I have ever seen, and that wasn’t even the biggest you could order! 4 big men and 3 girls and we were stuffed! Oh, not to mention the hugest bucket of beer! lol (Vegetarians look away from the computer for a moment)



So amazing! Only thing, just watch out for the pervy Italian guys on Commercial Drive! That’s all I’m gunna say! lol

 I also had a blast on sat with the girls from my KH, they are cutie patooties! We went to Joey’s and ate yummy food, then we went to Kema’s house and played so many awesome games!

Games to play for girls night for sure:



1. Roll a dice in a bowl, first to roll doubles gets to go in the middle and put on a crazy outfit (house coat, hat, scarf and oven mitts) as fast as possible and try to tear apart a gift that has been wrapped a million times, and while they are doing that, everyone else continues to roll to get a pair of doubles, when someone else does they have to go grab all the clothes and put them on and try to tear apart the gift. Person who ends up unwrapping the gift in the end gets to keep it! 🙂 SO FUN and a workout!!

2. Similar to the one above, it’s called 1-100. Sit around a table and everyone gets a paper, there is one pen in the middle. First person to roll the dice on 6 has to grab the pen and start writing in numbers on their paper 1-100 while everyone else is still rolling. When someone else rolls 6 they have to take the pen from the other person and start writing 1-100. First person to 100 gets a prize 🙂



3. Everyone gets a partner, a bowl. The partner sits across from them. The bowl has one tiny gummy bear in it but it’s covered in whip cream. Hands behind back. You must get the gummy bear out of the bowl using your teeth before your partner. All winners get prizes! This one is sooo super hilarious!!


4. And of course there’s chubby bunny which is never a fail and super easy! 🙂 

Had facials, then we danced to old school 90’s house music to remember our days when we were young lol

Hope you all had fab weekends too my muffins!



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  2. look at me stuffing my face. Arn’t I fun.:)

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