Posted by: tanyams | September 2, 2009

Rainy Day Wear

Hey beauties,

I had one of those mornings today where I had no clue what to wear. Well, I knew that I wanted to wear my new grey hat, everything else was a blur.  I kept changing thinking, well, what if it rains, or what if it’s hot, or whatever. So I was doing some online searching/shopping and found some outfits that would be perfect for fall weather. Things to can change or add to or take away from…. this is what I came up with for a rainy day:

Save for a Rainy Day



Jacket is a pac away poncho  Topshop; Jeans Forever21; Rainboots Target; Gloves Marks and Spencer and Heart Umbrella is from Umbrellahaven




  1. Oooh very cute..

    I want rain boots this year.. Actually I want a lot of things this year.. Should save up all my shopping money to splurge on winter clothing.

  2. I heart the heart umbrella!(tehe!) ANd the jackets cute too. And the jeans, and boots and gloves. The whole outfit’s justs really chic!

  3. Those wellies are super cute!

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