Posted by: tanyams | September 4, 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M


Well, the Jimmy Choo for H&M leaked ( and the over the knee boot is supposidly going to cost a whopping $300 US! Aren’t we in a recession? $300 to look like a fancy streetwalker! Are you kidding me? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some over the knee boots! I just find these ones to look a bit trashy. They are more like thigh highs and they have a huge ass heel!

I bought over the knee boots last fall (cuz I’m way ahead of the trends 😉 loland they were only $40) mine are deep red an have a kitten heel and are suede and I love them 🙂 I am considering buying another pair this season but in grey leather…

But these shoes to me, are most likely not going to be worth it, nothing at H&M should be more than $100. Now unless these are super well made, they may be, who knows. But my personal advice to you would to if you really love these boots, then do youself a favour and go to Victoria’s Secret:


Colin Stuart for VS boots $189 plus 20% off  with VS Cupon code  20VSBOOTS

I think these are even cuter.

*note* there are more Jimmy Choo for H&M products that I think will be more fab than this, I just haven’t got any *good* pics of them yet.



  1. huh! i thought i’m the only one who’s
    left behind with high boots!
    i’m scouting to find a pair of high boots.

  2. I totally agree nothing should be more then 100 at Hand M

  3. $300?! I thought they were supposed to be ‘affordable’ … outrageous!

  4. OUCH! $300 bucks hurts! … I crack up when I see them now because all I can think of is Julia Roberts starting this trend, back in the 90s, in Pretty Woman. They sure have come a long way!

    That doesn’t stop me from wanting a pair though. And thanks for the heads up for that awesome Vicky’s coupon!

  5. Yeah, I don’t think I would shell out that kinda dough for H&M, but I am interested what ass Choo has to offer!

  6. And that should have read…what else Choo has to offer. Ah ha

  7. I agree. $300 is ridiculous for H&M.

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