Posted by: tanyams | September 8, 2009

Beauty Tip of The Day – Bra Fitting



Did you know that 7 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. With such large number wearing the wrong bra size, I knew I was one of the women who are a part of that group.

I went to the mall to get my measurements and a new, fitted bra. and First I was pretty shocked at my size, I went up like 5 cup sizes from what I was wearing before!! So I thought today’s Beauty tip would be all on finding your size bra!

Have a Professional Measure Your Correct Bra Size

 Measuring with a tape measure may not be enough to get the perfect fit bra. And trust me, a correct size bra makes for a shapely, perky bosom with comfort. If your measured bra size is not translating well to the bra size try going up or down a cup or band size for the perfect fit. While trying on the bra, bend over scoop and swoop into the cup.

What the Right Bra Size Shouldn’t Do:

Breasts should not fall out below the bra when raising your hands above your head. If they do try, going down a band size

The middle part of your bra that sits between your breasts should sit flat on your rib cage. If it doesnt try, going up a cup size.

The band of your bra should stay level around the circumference of your body. A band that rides up in the back means your band size is too big.

The bra straps should only be 10% of the support your bra gives. If your bras straps are doing all the work, consider going down a band size.

Breasts should fit comfortably into the bra cup with no overflow, double-bubble, or wrinkles in the bra fabric.

Your bra band should not be giving you the illusion of back fat. If this is happening try a larger band size or a difference style bra.


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