Posted by: tanyams | September 10, 2009

America’s Next Top Model-Cycle 13 Petite

I totally forgot about how tonight was the start of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13! But lucky for me, I was home to catch it anyways! Yay! My newest guilty pleasure!

This season is all about “petite” models. No model is over 5’7. Tyra is ‘breaking the mould’.

I’m not very suprised she has done this considering I have never seen ANY contestant on ANTM who has been taller than Tyra at elimintations, she always is looking down on them and they always look up at her…


this season the gorgeous and exotic Chanel Iman is a judge instead of Paulina.


Tyra was sporting the Minx Manicure, which is soo super fab for fall

So far this season I really want Bianca to go home asap. She is manly looking and she is really annoying!

America's Next Top Model - Cycle 13

 And although I do not like her personality, I think Nicole has def. model potential.
But the one I am rooting for, is Rae. I have to. She was abducted and raped and has a baby. If anyone deserves to improve her life its her.

  America's Next Top Model - Cycle 13

Sundai would be a second one I would be rooting for, but in all honesty I think she’s way too short. And her first photoshoot was so dull.



Sundai Anyways, this week wasnt all that exciting and now I want to go to bed 🙂 Rae

ps wordpress is being weird and messing up my post, i had to retype everything like a billion times, so if this doesn’t make sense its not my fault i swear!

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  1. I was wondering when the next season was coming on! It’s funny how anyone under 5’7″ is considered petite in the modeling world. They should’ve casted girls under 5’0″… now THAT would be petite.

  2. OMG, I LOVE ANTM! It’s my favorite t.v. show ever! I’ve watched every season! I can”t wait to see who wins…

  3. I can’t believe i missed the premiere =(…i’m going to have to put a reminder for next week..

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