Posted by: tanyams | September 10, 2009

Beauty tip of the Day – Mascara






Kellie showes off her perfect eyes

Kellie showes off her perfect eyes




Different Strokes

For prevention of smudging so as to look tired, use two kinds of mascaras– coat the top lashes with a volumizing one to create thickness and the bottom ones with a waterproof formula to put raccoon eyes to rest!



  1. Ew, gag me, do you think Kellie Pickler is pretty?

    I think she’s overtanned, over made-up, wrinkly, old looking, and her bouffant hairstyles make her look even older. Sick.

    • lol now tell me how you really feel britt.
      no i don’t think she’s very good looking she looks much older than she actually is i think, very wrinkly. But she has very big eyes. They are actually really nice eyes, just the rest of her face is a little harsh looking.

  2. lol, just reading my comment. Okay, so maybe I was a little harsh, but seriously, I think she’s strange looking.

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