Posted by: tanyams | September 13, 2009

F/W 09 Essential – Ruffles, Bows and Blouses


Bonjour Mon Cheri!

This post is allll about something I am obsessed with right now, Ruffles and  Blouses!

Particularily Ruffled  Blouses themselves! Or Blouses with bows or ties 🙂


This trend is not super new, it was all introduced by Blair on Gossip Girl, but I am just starting to find the trend actually make its way into regular priced stores Finally!! Yay!


Call me crazy but I am not going to spend over $1,500 on looking like a high-end waitress… lol but thats just me!



I am sooo happy that this trend is coming in full swing. I believe the fashion industry is getting into ‘sloppy’ looking. Lots of plaid, long oversized  and slouchy items. Which I love, but I tend to always gear towards buying things for dressing up and looking more romantic rather than looking like I just threw on whatever I found in the bedroom. I think if we are going to wear more comfortable slouchy things we should also incorporate classic dainty, girly, romantic pieces into our wardrobe as well, otherwise we might look too ‘grungy’. That’s just my personal opinion.


Black Halo Ruffle Sheath

Black Halo Ruffle Sheath

If you love the gorgeous Black Halo Sheath these celebs are wearing but can’t afford the $350+ price tag, you can now buy a look alike from Chic Star for only $35:



Not as luxurious as the Black Halo but I think it’s still very cute.

Also Anna Sui for Target! Cream Ruffle Top  $39 (picture is not working very well for me!)

Anyways now that we have more options we will be able to find a perfect staple blouse for our wardrobe this fall.

Will you be buying one or do you already own one?? I am on the hunt for one that suits my figure and doesn’t add to my cheast which has enough volume already lol

PS. This is my 100th Post!!! So Enter my 100th Post Giveaway!!-Blouse!



  1. tracking back – F/W 09 Essential – Ruffles, Bows and Blouses… tracking back – F/W 09 Essential – Ruffles, Bows and Blouses…

  2. Love Black Halo! I’d never heard of Chic Star but their replica looks great!

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