Posted by: tanyams | September 29, 2009

Ojon Leave in Restorative Treatment Review – Blonde, Brunette, Redhead

Hi my lovelies!

So I have just jumped out of my shower, towel dried my hair and rubbed in one of the newer Ojon products called Ojon Restorative Treatment for Blondes.   

And Although my hair is still damp, I am LOVING this product!! My hair is SHIMMERING! The blonde streaks in my hair are golden and gleamy and the brown is bright and well SHIMMERY! I am way excited about this product!

I went to Sephora the other day in hopes of finding a conditioner or repair of some sort to make my hair more shiny and hydrated and despite getting tons of samples of different products none worked! I thought all hope was lost until I tried this product tonight! I am hooked for life on this product ladies; if you can only take one piece of advice from me let it be that you go out and try this product, (for your hair colour of course), I’m sure you will love the results! Plus for less than $35 you can’t go wrong! 


Clinical studies show…
• In just one use, frizz is controlled throughout the day and reduced by up to 88%
• A 33% improvement in the condition of dry, damaged hair mention look fabulous! not toIt’s enriched with a blend of oils that leave hair feeling ultra-smooth and silky

Sound like good stats to me, but I will keep you all posted with how I see my hair looking each time I was it etc.

Click Hereto go to the Ojon Website and take a look at all the great products!

****UPDATE**** The shopping channel currently has Ojon as it’s showestopper for the next 24 hours Click here to check out their deal 🙂

My hair using Ojon after blowdry

My hair using Ojon after blowdry



  1. I SAW this on the site and I was looking for a review, all of their products are so good, I just haven’t tried this one yet, thanks so much for the review, I am looking forward to trying this out!
    Love your blog!

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