Posted by: tanyams | October 6, 2009

How to fall Asleep

So it’s 2am and I am still awake, unable to sleep. I’ve been like this for the past couple of weeks!

I need to get up for work at around 8, I get to sleep in today! But that doesn’t help if I can’t fall asleep!

So I thought I would ask you girls, how the heck can you make yourself fall asleep! Does anyone have tips or tricks that might help?? I always give you my tips for beauty, now you have to step up to the plate and help me fall asleep πŸ™‚

And I never drink coffee so I don’t think it’s because of that just incase you were thinking that… anyways, i’m off to lay in bed listening to Jay sleep, and my mind go on an on about God knows what.





  1. I’ve had this problem when I’m really stressed out. Here are a few things that help me:

    – Have a hot bath right before bedtime
    – One of my friends suggests slathering yourself in lavender oil after the bath, but I haven’t tried it.
    – Have a warm glass of milk with honey in it.
    – I’ve recently tried using Badger Sleep Balm and it seems to help!
    – Meditate. Focus on something, like a color or object, and let it expand in your mind. Try not to let your thoughts wander.

    If all else fails, get up, walk around, watch tv, read, and then go back to bed. Hope this helps!

  2. I find reading a book helps me sleep better as well. Or maybe a light work out before you get into bed?

    I’m going through this right now as well. I’m not doing anything with my days right now, so I’m not tired at the end of them.

  3. Oy woman, I’m going through the same thing as you 😦 Let me know if you find anything that works!

  4. When ever I can’t sleep I read a book. If that doesn’t help think about reading another book while you read that book. Sounds confusing, but is you can understand it, it actually works really well. πŸ™‚ Or you can close your eyes and picture stars and try to count them. When your brain starts to get tired keep going and then just let your mind wander. Hope that helps!

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