Posted by: tanyams | October 14, 2009

My New Shoes!

So, I haven’t done the “My shoes of the Week” for a few weeks because of my internet problems and no camera, basically the world of blogging was against me (and still may be because my less than year old laptop screen keeps flickering! Which is scaring me!)

Anyways, I have been shopping though! I bought new shoes, of course.

So I will showcase one pair in particular that I bought. since I have been obsessed wih ruffles as of late. I found these cute Steve Madden look alikes: (don’t mind my hairy legs, I bought wax strips too so that will be gone soon lol)


003I think they will look super cute with coloured tights!


Are these not the cutest shoes!! AH I just am dying to wear them!! Best part they were on sale for only $15!! I got them from a store called Spring which is affiliated with Aldo.

Update How I wore them to work:


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  1. WOOOOW! Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous and $15: that is truely amazing.
    I love the colour and style on them.

  2. ahah I was there with you and I got my shoes for 7 😛 I’m wearin them tonight! 🙂

  3. I actually have the Steve Madden version of these shoes in Gray, Red and Black…I’m a little obsessive:) They do look great with tights…I already tried it out!

  4. I love those – so pretty!

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