About Tanya

aaaaaaaI am a 23 year old who loves shopping, being with friends and family and my dog, and most important drawing closer to God.

I called my blog Young Wives Tales because as a younger married person I can never really find anything that is really for me, it`s usually its for single ladies, or older ladies, or women who have children. But I`m an inbetweener, not single, but still with out any children.  And glad for that right now! My dog and husband are about enough kids I need in my life at the moment 🙂

So I hope you enjoy my random blog.





Random Things About Tanya

1. Sometimes calls herself  T-Money, or T-Moneyless, depending on the situation

2. Has every episode of I love Lucy

3. Was in a Movie, and wishes she could be in more

4. Was scared to death of dogs, or any animal for that matter, until she was about 19…

5. Ran into a rattle snake pit  with out realizing it once.

6. Has had more jobs than she can actually remember.

7. Has had the same arch Nemesis since I was 5

8. Her favorite food is Lasagna but she doesn’t know how to make it.

9.  Her dream job would be to be a biligual archaeologist who gets to travel the world to find ancient artifacts, and is a pro dancer and actress in her spare time.

10. Does not want to have kids, but if she did, she would want 7 girls, and their names would be: Sasha, Sophia, Summer, Venitia, Lena, Sapphira, Siriana; but maybe not in that particular order.


How to contact me:

You can either msg me on a post or email me at youngwivestales@hotmail.com



  1. My blog was attacked by the 4Chan imageboard, but all I got was maybe 50 obscene comments which are easily removed. On the other hand it looks like that has positively effected my overall traffic, as it’s rising faster than before.

    • You really don’t want to know. I would suggest you maybe look it up on Wikipedia, but do not go to the website.

  2. Haaai, have you tried feedburner already?
    Let me know if you need help!

    And I don’t like spiders either O_O
    Catterpillars are fine and all, just spiders bleeeh.

  3. Go to feedburner.com and log in with your google account or make one. Then you insert your blog information and go to publicize, there you will find subscriptions.
    Just fill in that page and voila!
    Your subscription link is ready for use xD

  4. hmmm….you got lot going on..and thats really great..simply enjoy it..and be good always….

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