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Got What It Takes to Be A Victoria’s Secret Model?

When flipping through the latest catelogs, do you think to yourself  “I could totally do that!” If so, damn you.

But seriously, lol apparently today marked the first day of Victoria’s Secret Model Search!

So If you think you can strut your stuff with some of the most beautiful women in the world, you can audition:

October 3rd in New York

October 10th in Miami

October 17th Los Angeles

October 24 in Chicago

10 entries will be chosen to attend Angel Booty Campin New York, on TV no less, and then America will decide who will become the Next Top Angel!

You must be between 18 and 30 years old

 Over 5’8″

Have a Smokin’ hot bod

 You can go to for more info darlings!

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Beauty Tip of The Day


Extend the life of your eyeliner by setting it with powder and going over it with a matching shade of shadow. It makes the eyeliner stay put 🙂

Hi my lovelies!

So I have just jumped out of my shower, towel dried my hair and rubbed in one of the newer Ojon products called Ojon Restorative Treatment for Blondes.   

And Although my hair is still damp, I am LOVING this product!! My hair is SHIMMERING! The blonde streaks in my hair are golden and gleamy and the brown is bright and well SHIMMERY! I am way excited about this product!

I went to Sephora the other day in hopes of finding a conditioner or repair of some sort to make my hair more shiny and hydrated and despite getting tons of samples of different products none worked! I thought all hope was lost until I tried this product tonight! I am hooked for life on this product ladies; if you can only take one piece of advice from me let it be that you go out and try this product, (for your hair colour of course), I’m sure you will love the results! Plus for less than $35 you can’t go wrong! 


Clinical studies show…
• In just one use, frizz is controlled throughout the day and reduced by up to 88%
• A 33% improvement in the condition of dry, damaged hair mention look fabulous! not toIt’s enriched with a blend of oils that leave hair feeling ultra-smooth and silky

Sound like good stats to me, but I will keep you all posted with how I see my hair looking each time I was it etc.

Click Hereto go to the Ojon Website and take a look at all the great products!

****UPDATE**** The shopping channel currently has Ojon as it’s showestopper for the next 24 hours Click here to check out their deal 🙂

My hair using Ojon after blowdry

My hair using Ojon after blowdry

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Currently Covetting


I am really wanting to buy this gorgous cardi but keep second guessing myself! And I have no idea why because I soooo want it and love it!! I think its because i have military inspired things already and feel I don’t really need another… but I don’t care! lol

It’s in my items bag on the website… haha just waiting there. It’s from twelve by twelve

you can click here to shop this look!


*****UPDATE***** They no longer have it in the salmon! Only the grey is left! I am sooooo mad I didn’t buy it when I had the stinkin chance! Arg! Learn from my mistakes people! 😦

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Beauty tip of the Day

Gabrielles Silky Curls

Gabrielle's Silky Curls

Silk scarves, and  pillowcases used at night help maintain glossy styles longer. Cotton dries hair out and undoes the hairstyle. Silk keeps the curl and shape of your hair intact.

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Fruits and Passion Store Closing Sale

This may be a tad late, but if you are in the Vancouver area, Fruits and Passion is closing it’s Robson location and everything is super cheap! I bought a green tea scent perfume as well as ‘purple’. They smell so light and pretty! I got them for 70% off so for the 2 of them it was under $20. They are getting rid of absolutly everything, my friend even got a vase from their display given to her for free. Go check it out 🙂


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Beauty Tip of the Day – Dressing for your Body Shape

This is something for almost everyone, you should be able to know how to make your body look it best no matter what shape or size you may be.


What is My Body Shape?

There are four common body shapes, and a majority of women fall into one of those shape categories. Common body types include:

  • The Apple Body Shape: Women with this type of shape usually have an upper body that is larger than their lower body. When women with this body type gain weight, it has a tendency to show around the waistline.
  • The Pear Body Shape: Pear-shaped body types typically have a smaller upper body. Weight gain tends to fall in the hips, thighs, and legs.
  • The Hourglass Shape: A defined waist and curvy upper and lower body are typical of this body type.
  • The Rectangle Body Type: AKA athletic or straight body type, rectangular body shapes have fewer defined curves. Waist, hips, and breast measurements may be more similar to each other than with other body types, and weight gain is often evenly distributed.

Keep in mind that these are general shapes. Use the tips as a guideline to draw attention to your best features and look your best!

Lindsay doesnt always dress for her apple shaped body, but this pretty dress gives her a defined waist and long neck which makes her look more proportioned

Lindsay doesn't always dress for her apple shaped body, but this pretty dress gives her a defined waist and long neck which makes her look more proportioned

Body Shape Fashion Tips for Apple Types

Apple shapes can show off fabulous legs! Typically apply body shapes need to de-emphasize the waist, and sometimes minimize the appearance of broad shoulders or chest. Try a few of the following style tips:

  • V-neck tops can create a more elongated look and draw eyes upward.
  • Cinched waists or wrap tops and belted or nipped waist jackets can give the illusion of a smaller waist.
  • Raised waist and empire tops and dresses can camouflage extra weight around the tummy.
  • Go for low-rise, flat front jeans and pants in flared or wide leg styles, or boot cuts with slimming tops.
  • Pair shorter skirts with tunic style to show off great legs and create proportion.
Alicia plays up her smaller upper body with brights and dark wash jeans to slimmen her lower half

Alicia plays up her smaller upper body with brights and dark wash jeans to slimmen her lower half

Tips for Pear Body Shapes

You girls can draw attention to the fabulous shoulders and top half. Look for clothing that broadens and adds dimension to shoulders and draws attention away from hips and thighs. Pear body shape fashion tips include:

  • Choose wider necklines, such as squared, or cowl necks
  • Blouses and tops with pattern and texture draw attention to the upper body.
  • Pair light or brightly colored tops with darker bottoms for a more balanced look.
  • Boot cut or boyfriend cut jeans and pants can help create the appearance of leaner looking legs for pears.
  • A-line or asymmetric skirts skim the hips rather than drawing attention to them.
  • Choose jackets that fall just above the hip rather than longer versions.


Amanda uses her thin frame to wear tight dresses that give the illusion of curves
Amanda uses her thin frame to wear tight dresses that give the illusion of curves

Tips for Rectangle Body Shapes

Usually you girls have slender bodies. Lucky you! You can create the illusion of more curves with a few rectangle body shape fashion tips:

  • Look for scoop neck or v-neck tops to create curves.
  • Choose jackets with defined waists or that flare out from the waist.
  • Low rise straight, flared or skinny jeanswith a lighter fade in the thigh area creates the illusion of curvier legs and hips.
  • Layered looks can add more dimension to this figure type.
  • Try tops and blouses that have detail around the bust area for shape.
  • The dresses that are straight are styles that break up a silhouette with prints, patterns, dimension details like rouching, and tailored designs.

Salma knows how to work her hourglass figure

Salma knows how to work her hourglass figure

Tips for Hourglass Shapes

Hourglass shapes can show off their curves. You can either draw attention to a narrow waist and show off curves, or choose clothing that de-emphasizes bust and hips to create a longer, leaner look.

To show off curves:

  • Choose waist-defining clothing like wrap dresses, cinches waists, and belted anything.
  • High-waisted pants and skirts show off the waist and hips.
  • Tailored blouses and fitted skirts and dresses show off your curves.

To elongate and balance an hourglass:

  • Go for monochromatic colors for balance.
  • Choose v-necks to flatter and draw the eye in vertical motion.
  • Choose thin, lightweight fabrics to avoid adding extra bulk.
  • Try pants or jeans with a slight flare for balance.
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Beauty Tip of The Day – At Home Oily Skin Treatments

Megan Foxs oily skin

Megan Fox's oily skin

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been like a week since I’ve been on here, but that’s because I haven’t had internet! And still don’t! But I should be getting it back today, right now I’m on lunch at work, so I thought I’d take a few mins to update 🙂

I don’t particularily suffer from oily skin, I have combo skin, oily in the T zone basically and dry as a bone everywhere else!

But I have tried some home facials that do seem to work (the strawbwerry one is very nice)

So here are a few home made facial recipes for oily skin:

Papaya face pack

Mash some papaya and rub it gently on your face. Papaya is rich in antioxidants and is known to have wonderful exfoliating properties, which will help your skin to get rid of excess oil, dirt and impurities.  If you use this at least three to four times a week, you will be easily able to enjoy an oil free skin which is less susceptible pimples, blackheads and acne.

Garlic and lemon face pack

It can also serve as a quick fix, to get rid of stubborn pimples. Just make some garlic paste and squeeze one lemon into it, and it’s ready to be applied onto the face. Garlic has antimicrobial properties, and lemon helps drying out the oil. It does sting a little, but the overall outcome is definitely worth the discomfort.

 Strawberry Facial

You’ll need some strawberries, a tablespoon of brandy blended in a blender. Mix in some bread crumbs, and apply this face pack for about half an hour, and you’ll be happy to see your skin smooth and radiant.  It reduces the excess oil from your skin, while adding a glow to it.

Orange Peels

This is the simplest one, and all you need is to grind some orange peels into a fine paste and apply it all over your face. 

Haydens Glowing Skin

Hayden's Glowing Skin


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2009 Emmy Red Carpet Fashion

Everyone looked pretty fab at the Emmys this year, I found these awesome colour coordinated photos of some of the outfits at 🙂 I just had to post something about it, unfortunately since I am at work I have no time to go into details 😦 but that’s ok. I should be up and running on Wednsday! (After a long time of being put on and off hold with the internet company!) grr.. anyways looking at the pretty dresses will calm me down lol

Ravishing in Red


Perfect in Plums



Nautical Navy


Gorgeous in Gold

Glamorous in Grey

White Hot
Beautiful in Black



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Ok  so this has nothing to do with anything. But I have not had internet and have not been able to go online ! I am sooo angry! I pay for my internet, I should be able to access it. Is that too much to ask?

So now I have to phone telus today and get it hooked up again for the meantime, and look for a new internet provider that won’t keep turning my internet off. I only have internet now because I am at work. So updating my precious blog isn’t exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now lol But I am sooo addicted to it!

Anyways, point of my rant: Don’t sign up with Telus 😛 it’s way more expensive than the others and it’s always crapping out on me!

Peace and love 🙂

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