This is a part of my blog called “WWTT” which means, What Were They Thinking?!
Not to be confused with “WWTD” What would Tanya do, a question everyone should ask themselves while doing practically anything 😉

Which will have picures of celebs whose clothes I find repulsive, ridiculous, or just plain ugly. And maybe I’ll give a little blurb of why I find it so awful! lol So I hope you find it entertaining, or at least slightly enjoyable to poke fun at others hehehe. I know I’m awful!

Hayden Panettiere

Um, ok so I can see how she would want to draw attention to her figure, she’s 19 and face it, we never look as good as we did at 19, so why not show it off a bit… but I wonder if anyone told her to turn around when she bought this dress… Usually less is more, and well I guess it’s true, Less fabric, more lace, Less Dignity, more skin… lol She is amazingly gorgeous though… and so is the dress… I guess she’s just on this page cuz I’m jealous lol














I’m starting this off with Lady Victoria Harvey.
Ya, I don’t exactly know, alls I do know is that she shouldn’t be this desperate trying to get noticed! 

293_ad_Hervey_052009 Apparently toilet paper can be a fashion statement?
Oh? It’s not? hmmm…

Oh! I know, it must be a prank, like how kids would toilet paper houses! So, she was clearly sleeping in a tanning bed somewhere and those pesky Jonas brothers came and TP’d her boobies! (barely might I add)

Celebs beware of the TP trend!






Next up on the Chopping Block, Pheobe Price
Why she is famous I have no clue but she gets invited to places for some reason, maybe it’s just for the enjoyment of seeing what the heck she’s going to be wearing this next time…

PhoebeFIRST of all:


Oh, erm, nevermind, it’s just a hat, or a bird has made it’s nest in your hair…
Don’t even get me started on the rest of the outfit… dear lord















293_perry_katy_lc_052109Katy Perry often wears craptastic things, but she’s a performer so it’s also kinda cool, but this not so much.

I was watching What Not To Wear and a lady had a shirt that looked exactly like Katy’s Skirt! they called it a stained glass inspired peice of crap or somthing and that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Katy in this thing. Not to mention the  leather bra…

so it’s half dominatrix half  old granny going to church? I dunno but it’s awful… the panty hoes dont help either.








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  2. Lol craptastic?! U make me me laugh!

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