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Breakfast At Tiffany’s Sleep Mask Found!

Ever since I was like 5 years old, I remember watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s and wanting, well everything, but really wanting her sleep mask! I looked for years, bought plenty of pretty cute ones, but nothing could ever compare to the one Audrey Hepburn wore in that movie, and still affordable enough for me to justify spending on it at least. 

Until today that is! Thanks to my fellow blogger Kristin from Bon Bon Rose, who opened up my world to Fred Flare!


I found this one which is super cute, not exactly the same but good enough for me considering it’s only $14!
It’s called Holly GoNightly sleep mask, how cute!

If you were looking for one that’s even closer to comparison, I also found one from

tiffanysThis one is more like the actual one worn in the movie, but it’s also $33

Now all I need are the fab ear plugs and a cd that plays ‘Moon River’ and we’re all set!



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Foods in Fashion – SUGAR FACTORY GIVEAWAY! 2 Prizes!

Sugar Factory Website

Sugar Factory Website






Hi lovelies!

Ok so lately fashion has been everywhere! Including in your sweet treats! 

Then I heard of a wonderful company called Sugar Factory in Las Vegas which make the most haute lollipops I have ever seen! They are called Couture Pops and they are fabulous! They aren’t your typical lollies, for about $25 they are embossed with swarovski crystals, and you can screw off the candy portion and replace it whenever you want a new flavour.

“Sugar Factory has created bejeweled and custom handles you can pair with a rainbow of lollipop flavors to create your own custom sweet sensation. Match your mood, outfit, or special occasion with Couture Lollis. Birthdays, weddings, bachelorette parties, and holidays are perfect occasions for the Couture Lollipop. The flavors and color combinations are limitless.” – Sugar Factory website



The company is well known by all celebs, and the store seems to be a favorite place to visit while in Vegas!

I happen to think these would be so perfect for bachelorette parties and weddings! And they make super cute gifts!

 Sugar Factory was sweet enough (no pun intended) to send me 2 of the Couture Pops, as well as a giveaway gift basket!

Sugar Factory Director Sean was nice enough to let me chose which one I would like to have, I chose the ‘Kim Kardashian Favourites’  Silver Rainbow and Champagne. I love both of them!! And I don’t want to give either away! hehe but that’s ok. I decided to keep the Silver Rainbow, so it can go with almost any outfit 😉

018couture pops

So now for the part you are waiting for! Up for grabs,first Prize is the Bling bling Pink ChampagneCouture lolli! As well as the tasty and super cute gift basket ‘Mascot on the Go’ which is for the runner up! (even though it’s worth more money than the Couture Pop!)


You can have more than one entry, make a post for each of these:

1. For one Entry, Comment on this post telling me what you would buy off of the Sugar Factory Website. (turn up your speakers and listen to the music! Love it!)

2. For people who have blogs, add me to your blog roll and make a post with a link to my giveaway for an extra entry.

3. For people who have Twitter, follow me on Twitter and tweet about this Giveaway for an extra entry.

4. For people who have Bloglovin’ follow me on bloglovin’ for an extra entry!

Have fun and good luck! 


click to go to the website!

click to go to the website!

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Beauty Tip of the day – Dry Winter Skin

During the winter, my skin gets even dryer than usual, even though I drink plenty of water. Actually While trying on lifting the leg of my pants while trying on shoes this past weekend, all my friends were making fun of how ghostly white my legs were, and I realized it was because they were so very dry! So…

 This tip is for people like me with dry skin.

Use a mixture of baby oil and epsom salt. Sit on a towel, and rub all over body, then shower. Skin stays silky soft for 3 days. Make sure you clean your tub afterwards, so you do not slip the next time you get in.

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My New Shoes!

So, I haven’t done the “My shoes of the Week” for a few weeks because of my internet problems and no camera, basically the world of blogging was against me (and still may be because my less than year old laptop screen keeps flickering! Which is scaring me!)

Anyways, I have been shopping though! I bought new shoes, of course.

So I will showcase one pair in particular that I bought. since I have been obsessed wih ruffles as of late. I found these cute Steve Madden look alikes: (don’t mind my hairy legs, I bought wax strips too so that will be gone soon lol)


003I think they will look super cute with coloured tights!


Are these not the cutest shoes!! AH I just am dying to wear them!! Best part they were on sale for only $15!! I got them from a store called Spring which is affiliated with Aldo.

Update How I wore them to work:


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My New Favorite Store – Twelve by Twelve

Military trim cardiI am loving Twelve by Twelve from Foever21.

I want to own everything! I found this fab cardi today, and I am officially obsessed with this site!  


 Everything looks so fabulously vintage but with a modern edge that is so hard to find at a resonable price!


Take this tie dress, it’s only $38 CAN! 🙂 Love it!


And this lovely Cameo Puff sleeve top, only $26!

Anyways, if you haven’t been to the store online yet, you should def. check it out! Twelve by Twelve Store


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Renewed Trend – Lace up Boots



Hello my dears,

So I have not written about this trend that I have been seeing popping up around. mostly because I am in denial. I remember the last time lace up boots were in style. *shudder*


But for you die hard fashionistas who love this new trend I have found a few cute ones that I am not getting flashbacks of the 90’s hooker boots I would parade around in during my tweens haha.

But these Gorgeous YSL boots are to die for! I would gladly wear these everywhere with pride!

Or these Fab Plum Mui Miu ones!

And of course the patent sex pot ones from Christian Louboutin. but if you don’t have the larger income to afford these, I found a comparable pair for under $50!


My beloved Michael Antonio, how I (and my wallet) love thee!

anyways, those are a few I found just now before I head to bed (it’s 2am and I am still awake! Lord help me!)

Let me know how you feel about the lace up shoe trend 🙂



Yes, I used to Love these kind of chunky lace up boots... I was super cool. The envy of fellow female classmates and the Spice Girls.

Yes, I used to Love these kind of chunky lace up boots... I was super cool. The envy of fellow female classmates and the Spice Girls.

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How to fall Asleep

So it’s 2am and I am still awake, unable to sleep. I’ve been like this for the past couple of weeks!

I need to get up for work at around 8, I get to sleep in today! But that doesn’t help if I can’t fall asleep!

So I thought I would ask you girls, how the heck can you make yourself fall asleep! Does anyone have tips or tricks that might help?? I always give you my tips for beauty, now you have to step up to the plate and help me fall asleep 🙂

And I never drink coffee so I don’t think it’s because of that just incase you were thinking that… anyways, i’m off to lay in bed listening to Jay sleep, and my mind go on an on about God knows what.



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Beauty Tip of the Day – Moisturizing


Warm Up Your Lotion In The Microwave – Put your lotion in a microwavable bowl and zap it for about 30 seconds. Make sure it’s not burning hot before putting it on yuor body though!

Warm lotion absorbs better into your skin 🙂

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Beauty Tip of The Day

The Face-Slimming Makeup Trick Celebs Swear By

You probably wear just one color of foundation, right?

Well, celebs usually have two—and that’s the secret to their sleek, sculpted makeup looks! A lot of celeb makeup artists, including Brett Freedman—who works with all the glam Melrose Place stars—use one skin-tone-matching foundation color to create an even base and another shade that’s a teensy bit lighter or darker, to contour the face. Freedman says that when applied to the center of the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, the lighter hue acts as a “spotlight” to brighten the face. Meanwhile, the darker shade can be used along the jawline to make your cheekbones look higher and slim the face. If all that color mixing and matching seems like something best left to the pros like Freedman, try this easy tip: After applying your regular foundation, use a slightly darker foundation shade and add a little bit just under your cheekbones as you would a bronzer. This’ll make your cheekbones more pronounced, and since the hue isn’t bronze or pink, you can wear it with any kind of eye-makeup color. Andrea Pomerantz

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Fantabulously Frugal Giveaway!

Head on over to to enter to win free handbag! 🙂 Yay I love giveaways!

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