Posted by: tanyams | June 23, 2009

Jon and Kate’s Big Announcement Last Night

So, did you watch?

If you did not, they decided to separate. Kate would continue to live with the children and Jon is leaving. I found it very frustrating that they aren’t trying to work things out. And someone left me a comment on my other post of Jon and Kate and said that I was blaming Jon…

I guess in a way I am. But I know that it’s usually not just one partner’s fault when things like this happen. It takes two. Both parties have to accept the choices and bad decisions they have made. But from what I have gathered from last night’s episode was that Kate is the victim, as much as Jon would like to be seen as it, Kate actually is. She is the one left to raise their children, while he goes off gallivanting. I can tell this by how Jon kept saying how he’s “only 32” years old, and he has to do whats best for himself and the children. What does he think is best for his children? Running away from his problems and living away from them? Teaching them that marriage isn’t really a commitment? No, what would be best is if he grew balls and dealt with it. Yes Kate has been controlling and annoying in the past, but how do you think she became that way? A husband should communicate with his wife, if he didn’t like it he should have done something about it before he snaps and decides to leave.
Another reason I feel that Jon is mostly to blame is for the fact that he flat out said that he was “excited” to begin this ‘new chapter’ in his life. Why the hell would a person who is leaving their one time love of their life, and children be excited? Kate never used the word excited, she didn’t even want to get seperated in the first place. So clearly she can’t be happy about this, she must be scared. And I feel for her, but mostly I feel for the kids.

The children are the ones who really get hurt and having to deal with all this and be on a tv show is ridiculous. And that is probably Kate’s fault, she seems like she would be the one who would want to continue filming and milking every penny for all this drama.  And that I do not agree with. I don’t think the show should continue, I honestly think these kids might be kinda screwed up in the long run for it. They have their money, they should not be so greedy and exploit their children.



That’s what I think on this so far, i dunno it’s early morning and I’m still sleepy….

You may or may not agree, but let me know!





  1. Awww.. I’m sad for those kids.. It’s going to be hard on Kate to be a single mom — I can’t see why she wants to continue to have a show on top of it. I agree that she shouldn’t be greedy – but maybe she’s saving up for the future counselling the kids will need for their parents divorce and spending their childhood in the spotlight?

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